• Is this for real? Yes.

  • Why are you doing this?
    We’ve always found old Jewish men to be, well, adorable.  As they become increasingly rare in modern society, our prints aim to celebrate and preserve what we cherish about this special group of people. We hope that you'll love each of our Old Jewish Men as much as we do.

  • Wait, isn’t this kind of Anti Semitic?
    Not at all! While we admit that word plays in Yiddish are silly and bordering on offensive, our project is purely a labor of love.
    We would like to emphasize that we mean no offense. We are aware of the sensitive nature of our work, and approach the stereotypes employed from a satirical point of view.
    There is a long-standing debate about the legitimacy of this type of self-deprecating humor (Wikipedia) and we welcome an open discussion on the subject.

  • Who are you guys?
    Courtney Bernard, Yankel Farkash and Isaac Buchman.  A group of independent artists who have each spent a fair share of our time in New York’s Lower East Side.

  • When will I get my prints?
    If you go with the free shipping, probably in a week. Express options are available at checkout. (Orders are processed within 2 days.)

  • Can you ship internationally?
    Yes, for a flat rate of $5.

  • Can I gift these?
    Yes! Our prints make great Hanukkah gifts for the whole family! At checkout, just select the box marked “gift wrap” and add your personalized message. (Please note: your order will arrive in our standard packaging, but without a receipt.)

  • Do you accept returns?
    Since each print is made to order and hand-numbered, we are unable to accept returns.

  • What happens to my personal information?
    Your privacy is important to us. We never give your details to third parties.